Not The Best Track Season

This weekend the track season finished – unfortunately, mine finished a few weeks before – a calf injury put paid to that.

My track season started off really well at Medway Park, Gillingham with a 2:19.92 800m. Little did I know that would be my seasons best. I had hoped to improve on this time, after all it was the very first track race of the season and I had not done any speed work yet. My plan was to see where I am at the first race, then add some speed work in to my training plan. The season was a mix of 800m and 1500m races culminating in a September final at Erith and an 800m race. My summer was aiming towards this race with the hope of a PB.

Unfortunately, none of the races, except maybe the first two, went to plan:

April – M&M Open Meeting – 800m 2:19.92

This was a good race, I started at the back as usual then overtook a few on the way. I was less than a second behind two other M&M youth team which I was happy with. The last 60m my legs were very tired but with a season behind me I think I could improve on that.

May – Mens Kent Vets Dartford – 1500m – 5:04.5

This was an enjoyable race and with a time of 5:04 I equalled my last three 1500m times. Only downside to this was I didn’t get much of a warm up, someone called out I was in the first race!

May Mens Kent Vets Tonbridge – 1500m – 5:08.8

This race was late on a Friday night and after a week at work, not the ideal time to run. However, I had a fairly good race, with plenty left at the finish.

From now on, it all went downhill…

July Mens Kent Vets Erith – 800m 2:28.6

This was also on a Friday night but this week I had been carrying a slight niggle, I had a pain in my shin, possibly shin splints coming back. This kinda disrupted my race and I ended up in a slow 2:28. What also didn’t help, I was non scoring and ended up in a division 2 v50 race so I was slightly off the pace. I finished in second place though.

July M&M Open Meeting – 800m 2:21.71

I had been suffering with a cold most of the week leading up to this race. In the warm up I was blowing my nose every 200 metres! So in my mind I felt I could have run faster.

July M&M Open Meeting – 1 mile 5:21.49

This was the same day, as the 800m above. So combined with a cold and having just run a fairly good 2:21, I was feeling very tired and worn out. I held on and managed to kick with 100m to go and passed a few people at the end.

September M&M Open Meeting – 800m – DNS

A couple of weeks ago I ran too far and too long on a tight calf – ended any chance of racing in this event.

September Kent Masters Championship – 800m – DNS

This was the race I had targeted for the whole summer. I ran it last year and the field was much faster and compact than other 800m races I had run. This was the masters finals, but unfortunately the calf injury that put paid to the 800m the week before struck again and I was unable to race.