2019 Review

I set myself some fairly aggressive targets for 2019, not in the sense of my ability to achieve them, but more in the sense of juggling a young family and a full time job, so the amount of free time is at a premium.

That said, I would like to say I’ve given it my best shot and managed to complete a couple of them:

1) Run 1,000 in the calendar year. Complete. I’ve set this target for the last four years and even though I was injured for the best part of a month I still managed to break one thousand miles.


2) Run a sub 5 minute 1500m. Sadly I didn’t complete this one, more down to the fact I only ran two 1500m races the whole year.

3) Run a 5,000m PB. I didn’t run any 5,000m races so that was a fail for sure.

Goals 2 & 3 were in my head to do for the Kent Masters track championships. Unfortunately I was injured two weeks before so therefore couldn’t race.

4) Run at least five parkruns. I managed one. Fail. In fact my children managed more than me.

This is going to be slightly harder in 2020 as both my children have a club on Saturday mornings.

5) Break 2:20 for 800m. This one I have been able to do. In my first race of the track season I ran 2:19.92. Just. Unfortunately throughout the season I wasn’t able to improve on that but it was enough to get a call to run for my club…sadly the race was cancelled.

40%. Not an epic fail but still a pretty big fail. At least I managed 1,000 miles finally.