Preferred Discipline

5k, 10k, Half marathon or Marathon?

I don’t actually know which, out of all the above, is my best event.  For the past few months I have trained for a half marathon and I think I have done a pretty good job, with a reasonable time too.  But with all four events on the horizon what training program do I follow?

I’m not the best runner at any of the above but I want to do myself justice in all events. With all training programs so very different, how do other runners manage to fit in all events?  I think it’s a choice of being a ‘Jack of all trades…..and master of none’ against picking a distance and having that as my specialist event.

On the down side of having one distance, I will miss out on the experiences of other disciplines.  Completing a half marathon or marathon is much more satisfying than 3.1 miles.  But then the speed of 3.1 miles is fun and what I have enjoyed in the past.

Nope, still can’t decide.