A Sore Leg

I was well on my way to 1,000 miles for the year when injury hit. It was painful and restricted my movement and general walking but it was no big deal, a couple of weeks rest at most, surely.

Wrong. It turns out it was a bruised piriostium, which is not quite a stress fracture but a very painful bruised tibia bone. Or more commonly known as shin splints.

Again I still thought just a few weeks off but when the physio said 8 weeks I was gutted. Not only would I miss out on my 1,000 mile target but I’d miss out on valuable marathon training too. OK, there would still be some time but I’m not sure I’d be at the level I was before the injury. Especially if I have to start training from scratch again.

The image on the right is my bad leg. You can see the bump in the white line which is the bruising.

Not being able to run when you know you have a marathon to complete is not easy.

Fast forward 3 months and I’m back running again, slowly and mindful of the injury, knowing any day I could feel it again. But I’m spending more time off road and running at a much slower pace, which is not where I wanted to be but at least I’m running.

So watch this space, I’ll update as I get on…