I’ve not been running as much over the summer months, partly due to the hot weather, this is the UK, anything over 25 degrees Celsius is regarded as a heat wave.  Also, I am working on an exciting project at work so I’ve not had time during lunch.

Anyway, Sunday I managed to get out for a decent run, 8 miles.  Although the time was slower than I wanted, 1hr 6 minutes, it was my longest run of the last 6 months so I should cut myself some slack.

However, the rest of the day I definitely felt it.  My legs ached and I was very tired, what new parent doesn’t say that though?  But it’s a start, my goal is to enter the Tonbridge half marathon, I have done it before and enjoyed it very much, although the hills were hard and it rained most of the way, I got a medal from Dame Kelly Holmes so I am hoping to complete this again.  And of course, at a better time than I did in 2012.