Return From Injury

After a thoroughly miserable few months not being able to run. I’ve come through the worst of it and I am now able to run again. This has been my worst injury in my life, the pain wasn’t severe and I was able to walk, albeit with a limp, but for someone who has always been able to put my trainers on and go for a jog this has been as difficult emotionally as it has been physically. Hence I have not felt like posting recently. The hardest part was the envy, seeing other runners out on the streets wishing I could be there too.

The injury is two fold, both my back and my hip but thankfully neither are severe enough for me to give up permanently.  Instead, I need to work on strengthening the muscles and mobility around that area to avoid further injuries.  Which means, I can carry on running – hooray!

Whilst I was injured, someone said to me, make the most of when you are injury free and until then I never really did.  I’ve been fortunate that it has taken me until this stage in life to suffer this, I just wished I’d made the most of my fitness 20 years ago.  So from now on, each run I am able to do I will (try) and enjoy, even training runs.

now back to the targets for this year…

Well, I’ve already gone sub 1:45 for a half marathon.  A next target was to run a marathon – this is unlikely to happen now, I need physio on my injury and to strengthen my back and hip.  With the training involved its unlikely I will be able to do a marathon in 2015.  The third and final goal was a sub 20 minute 5k, this seems more achievable.  In the last few weeks I have managed, 20:07, 20:38 and 20:20.  Surely its only a matter of time?  I’d like to think so but them last few seconds are proving to be a problem.  But you know what, I don’t care, I’m back running!