Back In Training

It occurred to me at the weekend after a 10 mile training run that I am running more confidently again.  My injuries are still nagging, especially my shins, but after two miles I was able to run pretty much pain free.  Ok, it wasn’t at the pace I’d hoped for and the pace I was running this time last year but I am close and if I can stay this fit then I’m hoping to improve times over the summer.

I missed out on a lot of training over the winter so I tried to play catch up, thinking I could still run 4 times a week at a pretty intense level was not a good idea.  Add some worn out trainers and trying to include hills in my training it was a recipe for failure.  Up until a month ago I was running ok but a setback with shin splints caused me to put the brakes on.  Since then I have taken a week off, included some easy runs and stretched my calf and shins as much as I can.  I have slowly increased my miles and not over done it in training, I’ve also invested in some new running shoes and already I can feel the difference.

It’s amazing what a little confidence does, a few days after my setback I wasn’t sure if I’d make the start line (for the Paddock Wood half marathon) or even if I should be running as hard as I am, I’m not cut out for it.  But a few good runs later, some even without pain, some good recovery time and, probably most importantly, time spent on physio, I have some confidence back.  Well, enough to get me out the door and run.

So the moral of the story is just to wait and be patient, there might be another good run just around the corner.