This might sound a bit like a rant, well it is a rant, but I wanted to say it anyway.  This past few years I have run with a number of fantastic runners, all much stronger and much much faster than myself.  As well as being fast and strong, the one thing that I have noticed about these runners is humility.  I’ve trained with people who are in the top 100 in the country, a senior woman who regularly finishes in the top ten county champs (and usually wins) and a runner who despite being nr 50, is in the top few thousand runners in the whole country.

As well as fellow runners, these are friends too, and of course, we follow each other on social media.  Even though, all these runners are brilliant at what they do, I don’t see any of them gloating or posting about their achievements on social media, if anything, it’s other people who do it for them.  Added to their ability, I hold them in even greater respect because of this.  Humble.

Where as some runners, who are no where near as good, fill up timelines, constantly post about their races and add as many hashtags as possible, just to get noticed.

Still, at least they get more ‘likes’ than their faster peers.

Rant over.