2016 Goals – Fail

In January I set three goals;  

  1. To complete a full cross country season.  
  2. To run 1,000 miles from 1st January to 31st December. 
  3. To volunteer for Parkrun. 

I’ve failed on all of them. 

I missed one cross country race, the first one, but managed to get three others in. This is not a compete failure but technically I have not done a full season. As for number 2, I was pretty close, I got to about 940 miles and if it wasn’t for a very lazy August and a groin injury in November I would have been close. And as for the third, complete failure, I think if I have a Saturday morning spare then I’d love to run parkrun. 

2016 had not been a complete disaster as it has sounded. I’ve run some good times in 5,000m and come very close to a podium finish. I write this injured but before that happened, I was getting some good, fast miles in my legs. With the hope of carrying that in to 2017…