2017 Goals

After last year’s failure, let’s try again. 

  1. Without really trying until the last few months, I got close to 1,000 miles in total for 2016.  So the first goal for this year is to run 1,000 miles from 1st January to 31st December.  Harry sounded interested so I’m roping you in to this target as well. 
  2. Get a medal/podium finish. I was close again last year, coming 4th in a 5k race and missing out by a few seconds. So I’ve decided to add this as a goal. Whether it’s a podium finish, an age category medal or a team medal, I am aiming for a prize of some sort. 
  3. My third goal will be another from 2016 that I didn’t compete, to volunteer for Parkrun, at least once. As I’ve mentioned, if I get a chance to get out on a Saturday, I’d prefer to run a parkrun, but I feel it’s time I gave something back. 

My fourth goal was going to be a bit ambitious and every runner says this, do more stretching and physio. Easier said than done as no one likes that part of exercise. But with the amount of injuries I’ve had in the last two years I need to make sure I am stronger and more subtle for the track races coming up. However, this might be difficult to measure so I’ve not included it. That’s not to say I won’t attempt it, which I will….try. 

So that’s it, my three goals for 2017. Last year’s didn’t go so well so if I can complete 2 of the three then I will be happy.