Not Much Protein Bites

So whilst shopping this week I noticed these Graze Protein Bites on offer, great I thought, perfect for post run when I should be getting a protein fix to repair muscles.  My coach suggest I get 20g of protein if I am doing a good work out, which isn’t easy unless you have the proper drinks or shakes.  Which is sometimes why I result to a bag of nuts or a tracker bar afterwards, especially if I am not at home.  Normally I like to make my own at home but I do also like to try new things and when I saw these, and they were on offer, I snapped them up.

Little did I know how small and how little protein they had in them.  Ok, 7g for the size of it is good but I am only 1/3 of the way there.  I opened the packet to find they really are ‘bites’ and three bites at the most!

I was quite disappointed, that was until I tasted them, really really nice, better than my home made ones…which is probably not hard.  So what they lacked in size and substance, they made up for in taste.