Target in Sight

My target miles for this year was 1,000, just as it was last year, which of course, I failed to reach. In part because of a couple of injuries but not until I’d spent 9 months plodding along kinda forgetting about it. 

This year, without tempting fate, I’m in a much better position, my training is going well, my new job has a run club, I’m injury free (I’ll regret saying that I’m sure) and I’m ahead of schedule in terms of miles. 

If I carry on at my current rate of miles, about 25 average per week, and if my calculations are correct, I will cross the finish line at the end of November….or at least early December. 

My running buddy Harry has already flown past the thousand mile target, he was training for a marathon though. But even still, he was done by September, well done mate. 

Now back to me….fingers crossed there will be another post early December ticking that box.