2017 Goals – One out of Three

After a pretty rubbish failure in 2016, I set myself three, more achievable targets; Run 1,000 miles, get on the podium and volunteer at Parkrun.

My results:

  1. Run 1,000 miles.  Last year I was so close, I run about 940 miles and if it wasn’t for a few injuries I would have been much closer.  This year I approached it in a much more professional manor.  I set a weekly and monthly average and by the time my two week holiday in August approached, I was way ahead.  I even wrote a post about being nearly there.  Well, I jinxed that for sure.  A few weeks after writing that I hurt my lower leg, not quite a stress fracture but close to it.  I only had 36 miles to go but the physio gave me the news not to run for 6-8 weeks which takes me past 31st December.  As much as I want to complete those last few miles, I am keeping my end target in mind so I’m missing out on goal #1.
  2. Get on the podium.  Although I didn’t actually stand on a podium, I did win a bottle of wine and get my name in the paper.  With the help of two team mates, we (Medway and Maidstone AC) achieved a first place finish in the Medway 10k in June.
  3. Volunteer for Parkrun.  I actually only ran once this year.  Such a wonderful event that I should make more time for.  Again, fail.


These targets were all achievable and I am quite disappointed I didn’t get more….next year it is.