Oh Hang On

Target 1,000 miles; everything was going great, I had got to the middle of November, was running 30-40 miles a week and only 36 miles to go. I thought to myself, I’ll hit my target by next weekend.

That’ll teach me. Another injury.

I used the experience of last year when I picked up an injury in November. I have run a consistent mileage throughout the year and I was way ahead of schedule. But at pretty much the same time as last year, injury has hit.

After visiting my physio a few weeks ago and being told not to run for 2 weeks I thought 1,000 miles was at risk. My next visit was even worse news, no running for 3-4 weeks. That’s pretty much blown it.

There is still time but if I phase the mileage in, it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get enough miles in.

Wish me luck…