2019 Running Goals

As always, I set myself some targets for my running year.  Some achievable, some a bit more challenging.  So here are my running goals for the 2019.

  1. Run 1,000 miles in the year.  Sound familiar?  I’ve set this target for the past three years and missed out each time, mainly through injury.  So this year I will try to be more consistent with my miles and remain injury free.
  2. Run sub 5 minute 1500m.  I set this last year and was 4 seconds off so this year I’ll try again.
  3. Run a 5,000m PB.  Again, my PBs were reset when I started running again, now they are on the internet, they are much easier to track.  Currently it is 19:24 so within my grasp I think.
  4. Run at least five Parkruns.  This is one of the best institutions this country has and a wonderful atmosphere on a Saturday morning, I should do more!
  5. Break 2:20 for 800m.  I’ve decided to include this one, the race I ran 2:20:08 I was flying and I’m not sure I could get that again.  However, with some proper speed training and a better diet I would like to think I could get close.

So keep an eye out for my progress, hopefully this year I can get better than 50%.