Medway 10k 2019

2nd June 2019

I’ve done this every year since it started and kinda felt I should continue to do it, especially as it’s my local event.

However, I had a terrible race, I ran 44:07 and finished in 40th place.

The course is quite tough, the first kilometre is uphill on the Great Lines, the final km is uphill along Prince Arthur Road and along the way you navigate through twists and turns including a tennis court. The last 500m is on the track so a chance for a good finish. It was quite a hot day, 21 deg and bright sunshine. I felt very hot by 2 miles.

Build up

I’d been away for a few days in the New Forest and only ran about 12 miles this week. I hadn’t eaten very healthily that week either.

I had also ran a 1500m on the Friday night.


  • 31/5 – 1500m in the Kent Vets – Didn’t race well and ran 5:08
  • 29/5 – 4m; 1m WU + 2m tempo + 1m WD
  • 27/5 – 40 minutes fairly easy (ave 7:46)
  • 22/5 – 30 minutes medium (ave 7:45)
  • 21/5 – Grass session; 4x1200m reps
  • 20/5 – Pilates
  • 19/5 – 70 minutes easy (ave 8:04)